I have Dreamed

A-lone and a-wake, I’ve looked at the stars, The same that smiled on you – –
And time and a-gain I’ve thought all the things that you were think-ing too.
These dreams I’ve dreamed of you-


I have dreamed_ that your arms are love-ly, so love-ly
I have dreamed what a joy you’ll be-, you’ll be, oh
I have dreamed, I’ve dreamed ev-‘ry word you’ll wh-sper
When you’re close, when you’re close, close to me._ oh-
How you look_ in the glow of eve-‘ning_
I have dreamed_ and en-joyed the view–
In these dreams Ive loved you so, That by now I think I know,
What it’s like to the loved by- you–. I will love be-ing loved by you._ Oh


how you look_ in the glow of star-light_
Oh, the gaze_ of your eyes de-vine–
All my life I’ve seen you there_ Held you close-ly in my care_
All my dreams are that you’ll be mine, you’ll be mine.
In my dreams you are ev-er
mine–My love, you are al-ways mine_


Key to signs under score_ means same note carried over
Hyphen- means slur to a different note. The number of hyphens = number of notes.
Bold and Italic words are bass melody