Davie and Maggie

An account of murder and cannibalism in the lowlands of Scotland. Could such hellish deeds ever have taken place? Read on and judge for yourself.

Coming From the Fair.
In a desolate part of Galloway in the south West of Scotland a young couple, on their way home from the fair, were in high spirits. Light from the full moon allowed the horses to easily pick their way through the light woodland. Suddenly the leading horse halted abruptly. “Whit’s up Davie? Why have ye’ stopped?” Davie did not answer at once. Instead his hand tightened around the haft of his claymore and he surveyed the surrounding area. After a few anxious moments he relaxed, turned to the girl and said, “It’s O.K. Maggie, I think he just picked up the scent o’ a fox.” Reassured, they resumed their journey

Attacked by the Bean Clan.
After only a few yards Maggie screamed. “Davie!” He turned quickly, drawing his claymore. His blood chilled as he saw Maggie being dragged from her horse by three filthy, dishevelled women, their faces contorted in grins of depravity, the likes of which few men have ever seen. Moonlight reflected from the long blades of the butchering knifes wielded by each of them, adding sinister reality to the scene. As he started forward, his beloved Maggie was thrown to the ground and a blade from one of the knifes drawn across her throat. The grass around her turned crimson from the blood, which spewed like a fountain from her jugular vein. Before he could reach them, three men brandishing cudgels and daggers, put themselves between Davie and the still alive, but ill-fated Maggie, for she was now being disembowelled by two of the women. The third, her grinning face ghoulish in the moonlight, drank the blood as it gushed from the deep slash in the throat of the dying girl.

Davie Retaliates.
Beside himself with distress, Davie let forth a scream of tortured anguish and drove his horse at the three men. A shoulder knocked one to the ground and his claymore put a deep wound in the arm of another, before the third wrenched him from his saddle. Recovering swiftly the other two came to the assistance of their accomplice. Davie was no match for the demons, who now beat him mercilessly. He looked helplessly at the three she-devils as they hauled Maggie’s mutilated body into the undergrowth, her spilled entrails steaming as they dragged along the ground. The looming shadow of death beckoned him and he drifted into the sanctuary of oblivion.